6 Simple Workout Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

6 Simple Workout Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

No matter how many mistake you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

6 Simple Workout Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes

Fitness is more than just a drive to the gym and moving around a few weights. There’s a lot of factors to keep in mind when working out and it’s important to make sure you’re sticking to a proper program for your fitness goals. Here are six common workout mistakes you can avoid!

1. Skipping a warm up/stretching

Especially if you’re preparing for a HITT workout or lots of explosive movement like sprinting, avoiding a warm up and a stretch is a huge mistake. Increase blood flow to the appropriate muscles by taking the time to get your heart rate up and properly warm the body up to prevent future injury. There are many ways to warm up and even if you’re strength training, it still doesn’t hurt to give the body a friendly wake up call.

2. No exercise variety

Doing too much cardio or too much weight training is another common mistake people make when exercising. Focus on all of your muscle groups and give a bit of balance between strength training and cardio. Avoid muscle imbalance and weakness in other muscle groups by giving variety to your workout program.

3. Forgetting proper form

It’s all about correct form. There’s no point in doing a certain workout if you’re doing it incorrectly. Incorrect form can lead to injury and more so, no results at all. With proper form, you bring effectiveness to your workout by engaging your muscles to be at its optimum level.

4. Not enough rest

People think working out all day every day will give them results. Wrong. Give your body the proper rest and recovery it needs. Muscles actually grow whenever you’re not working out, so give your body the time to heal and rejuvenate. In addition, having adequate sleep every night offers a number of benefits to your overall health, especially to your fitness routine. Be sure to opt in for at least 7-9 hours every night.

5. Having the wrong mindset

A lot of people set fitness goes for the wrong reasons. You need to gain the confidence and motivation to work out for yourself and not because of other unreasonable motives. If you stick to a positive mindset that will benefit you physical, mentally, and spiritually, then it’ll all come together. It’s also important to remember, not everything comes overnight. You need to focus on being consistent and trusting in the progress.

6. Not prioritizing diet

So you just worked out and now you can eat whatever you want, right? Wrong, again. Diet is the most important key to fitness and takes up 80% of our results and progress. Not seeing results? Alter your diet. Be sure to get enough protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats in your daily intake to feed your body the proper nutrients it needs.