5 Reasons Why Leg Day is Important

5 Reasons Why Leg Day is Important

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

Training your legs consistently definitely has its reasons why people are so obsessed over leg day. But unfortunately, several people often skip this important workout to focus on their arms, chest, and back. Leg workouts come with many physical gains and a never-ending list of benefits. Though there are countless reasons why leg day is important, here is just five that’ll definitely change your mind.

5 Reasons Why Leg Day is Important

1. Burn more calories, build more overall muscle

Our gluteus maximus (aka, our buttocks) is the largest muscle in our bodies. With that being said, working out larger muscles in our bodies including our buttocks require more energy, therefore, it keeps our heart rates up while burning more calories. Doing compound exercises, which works out our bigger muscles including our lower bodies also gives us the better hand at overall muscle build.

2. Symmetrical body composition

If the term “chicken legs” sounds familiar, you might want to start doing your squats and deadlifts today. Training your upper body more than your lower body throws off the symmetry of your body’s muscle proportion. Switch up your workouts to train both your upper and lower body to save you from the embarrassment of small glutes, calves, and quads.

3. Improves form and athleticism

Because our legs is one of our biggest muscles, regularly training legs helps us reduce the risk of injury. Instead, leg day helps our range of motion in other muscles and exercises, therefore, creating more effective workouts that’ll give us better results. You’ll also be a better athlete in other sports and fitness because of a stronger body foundation.

4. Increases metabolism

In addition to better endurance and athleticism, leg day also promotes a higher metabolism rate. Though weight training can help build and maintain healthy muscle mass, stronger legs means better performance for our physical health.

5. Promotes mental discipline

It takes a lot of focus, determination, and control in an effective leg workout. It also takes a lot of time and patience to develop proper form to perform for better results. Leg days promotes a healthy mental discipline that could definitely affect the way we think about our fitness goals.