5 Simple Ways to Get Back into Working Out

5 Simple Ways to Get Back into Working Out

Remember, never give up. The beginning is always tough.

Whether you’re coming back from an injury, a month long vacation, or you just haven’t step foot in a gym for the past five years, we tremendously applaud you for making the decision to get back into fitness. You should be proud of yourself! It’s never easy getting back to exercising or even dieting, but we assure you that making a new start of a fitness journey will be worth it for a future filled with excellent health and wellness. Although it’s easier said than done, here are just five simple ways you could ease your way back into working out again or for the first time.

5 Simple Ways to Get Back into Working Out

1. Find your motivation and set goals

There must be a particular reason or inspiration that sparked you into getting back into shape. Whatever that reason is, use it to your advantage to stay motivated! It’s easy to get back into the groove of physical exercise, but it can be challenging to keep your mind focused and determined. Whatever works for you, embrace it! Set your goals and keep yourself accountable.

2. Plan out a schedule

If time managing is a huge setback for your fitness goals, create a strategy to help you overcome any “excuses.” It helps to have a calendar or fitness journal to get everything down on paper so you can see what you can manage. Because you’re just starting out, don’t forget to schedule rest days (Be realistic!) and if it helps even more, plan out your workouts on specific days and times.

3. Go light and easy

Don’t expect to start squatting 200 lbs right off the back. It takes time for your body to adjust and heal even if it’s for the first two weeks back in the gym. Start off light with your workouts and cardio and remember to focus on your form rather than weight. Once your body was adapted to training, then gradually build weight and workout intensity at your own pace. Listen to your body.

4. Warm-up and cool-down

Take the time to warm up before your workout. This helps a lot because it prepares your body for the increase of activity and it prevents injury. Because your body is not use to training quite yet, your body is more susceptible to sprains, tears, and even bruising. Don’t forget to stretch and cool-down your body after workouts as well. Focus on your flexibility and getting that body in full range motions to allow your workouts to become more effective. Stretching outside the gym also helps you recover when you feel fatigue and sore, which is common when you’re first starting out.

5. Make good habits for diet and sleep

Pay attention to your habits outside the gym regarding proper nourishment and rest for your body. Remember, your diet is key to achieving your fitness goals. Just like starting off slow with your exercises, gradually eliminate the bad food while bringing in the good. Sleep also plays an important role in your routine because it helps you recover physically and prepares you mentally.