How to Determine Your Body Type

How to Determine Your Body Type

“Every body type is different- that’s what makes you unique. What makes you special is you, and you are different from the next person.” -Janet Jackson

One of the main factors to achieving your health and fitness goals is knowing your body type. Just how everybody has different genetics, it’s best to know how to train and diet according to your body frame and history. Though there are three basic human body types, it quite common to be a combination of the two and your lifestyle, genes, and training style could also change over time as well. Check out the three basic body types to determine how you could easily change up your routine for realistic results!

What’s Your Body Type?


People who have mesomorph body types have the best of both worlds. They are the easiest body type to gain new muscle and are known to already have a natural muscle definition and can be naturally athletic and strong. Mesomorph body types typically doesn’t store much body fat because of their consistent metabolic rate.

Because mesomorphs have this advantage, it can be really easy for them to avoid the gym and eat whatever they want. For mesomorphs to maintain or reach their fitness goals, its best to used intense “timed workouts” like boot-camp or body pump. It can be really easy for mesomorphs to gain fat too.


Ectomorphs are often tall and lean with narrow shoulders. They also hold a smaller bone structure and have naturally little muscle definition. They also have really fast metabolisms which burns fat really easily, but harder to gain muscle.

As for ectomorphs, keep cardio sessions to a minimum and increase your weight training exercises with an emphasis on bigger muscle groups and compound movement. As for nutrition, keep a high calorie diet filled with healthy carbs, protein, and fats. Supplements like protein shakes before and during workouts also works great for this body type.


The most common goal for endomorphs is cutting fat because they hold a curvier structure than ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Endomorphs are the most challenging body type because of their slow metabolism and difficulty shifting weight. They are also known to have a larger bone structure and can store high amounts of fat especially in the lower body. This can be an advantage for endomorphs building muscle because of their naturally large, muscular frame.

To shred more fat, endomorphs should focus on more intense workouts like aerobic or HIIT exercises to get their heart rate pumping to burn more calories. In the sense of nutrition, keep carbohydrates to a minimum and increase your protein and fiber intake.